Hello and Welcome to the Sephora podcast titled General Guidelines for Employees!

My name is Karen George and I am the Human Resources manager of the Sephora location in Toronto, Ontario.

I am here to talk to all current employees and prospecting employees of Sephora. In the next few minutes I am going to go through some general guidelines we like our employees to follow. These guidelines have been created for the employees, so they may excel in every department of Sephora. Whether it is you work in make-up, skin care, or beauty products. At Sephora we believe that our employees are our family. If you have been an employee of Sephora for awhile you will notice our ‘Tips to Succeed’ used to come in memo form. We have changed with the times. We will now be communicating, a good part of the time, with our employees digitally. For new employees, these tools will help you become part of the Sephora family much sooner. If you need a recap on your training session you can listen to Fred Wilkinson, our certified trainer, walk through procedures and policies on the ‘New Employee’ podcast.

With the busy Christmas season in full swing we thought it best to remind all employees of tips for a successful season. So let’s get right into it.

Tip number one: Dress for success.

Our team has worked hard creating one of the most attractive packaging and you need to also be dressed your best every shift. All women are to wear a skirt or a dress. Nothing higher than the knee and stockings must be worn at all times. For the men of Sephora, we ask you always wear dress pants and a tie. Blazers and sweaters are optional.

When customers enter our stores they are greeted by you, helped by you, and they create relationships with you. Dress your best and you will reflect professionalism and expertise.

If you have wrinkled or dirty clothes on, if your hair is all messy, and you don’t present yourself confidently people won’t want to buy beauty products from you. If you don’t follow the dress code, management will send you home with no pay.

We only hire confident and professional people. Take pride in your job and your sales will be higher if you dress for success.

Tip number two: Know your stuff.

We are constantly discovering new tips and tricks at Sephora. How to wear this season’s look, how to ensure our lipstick will last, making nail polish chip-free,  etc.

When we learn new things we pass the information to you, our employees. It is up to you to read the information and practice the new tools. Your customers will benefit from any knowledge you may have and will appreciate helpful little tips.

As well, if you learn of a new tip or trick we invite you to share with the entire Sephora family. You can email it to any management member or you can post it on any of our new digital tools located on the Sephora website. We have created blogs, forums, and wikis you all can participate on. It’s a great place to exchange all our ideas. We are all successful together.

Tip number three: Use the products.

At Sephora we do not ask our employees to wear our products. However, we think it is a very wise thing to do.

For example, if you are trying to sell our mineral foundation to a customer and you are wearing the mineral foundation, you could simply say “Can you even tell I’m wearing foundation? It’s so light and natural.”

People are visual learners and may be more inclined to purchase the product after seeing how well it works on someone else.

All of our employees receive a fifty percent discount on all regular priced merchandise. This way if you do choose to wear the products you can afford it.

Tip number four: Learn. Learn. Learn.


In addition to knowing your stuff, we believe it is important to always learn new things.


The first Monday of every month every store has informational nights. These are classes designed to help you become professionals in your field. A place for you to ask questions, clear up confusions, and learn about your products inside and out.


It is also a social opportunity for all employees. These classes are mandatory for all full-time employees and employees are only excused if they are scheduled to work.


Tip number five: Practice makes perfect.


The old saying is still true today. Practice does make perfect in your profession.  Practice on yourself, on family members, friends, and fellow employees. All Sephora employees must go through make-over classes and tests before granted ability to perform make-over on customers.


We encourage new employees to constantly practice applications and proper ways of wearing make-up. Make-over’s help increase your sales ten-fold. However, we are not going to just let anyone start putting make-up on our customers.


Practice at home, take all the classes, do research, and even use time at work when it’s slow to practice on fellow employees. Utilize all the time you have to become the best!


Tip number six: Offer make-over’s.


Once you have gained the right to perform make-over’s you’ll want to offer them as much as possible.


Showing a customer how great the make-up makes them look will better your chances they’ll buy the product or products. Full-face make-over’s are very effective because you can show them how all Sephora products complement each other.  However, not every customer has the time for a full-face make-over. Always try to use the product you are trying to sell on the customer. Brush some blush on their cheek, cover a freckle with foundation, and give them samples of lipstick.


Always try to get the product on the customer so they can see how wonderful the products look.


Tip number seven: Work together.


The Sephora family has many different sections. You have your Sephora store family, you are a part of Sephora at a provincial level, and you are a part of the Canadian Sephora family. We all work together so we can all succeed together.


New employees don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. The other employees are there to help you. If we all help each other than things will get done much easier.


Tip number eight: Do Research.


If you are working with Sephora you have a love for fashion and beauty products.


We encourage everyone to read the latest fashion magazines. These are great places to learn what’s in style and what’s not. Find out what young girls like and what middle-aged women like.


Combined with reading material we provide you, taking the informational classes, and doing your own research you will truly be an expert in the field.


We provide every Sephora staffroom with the latest fashion magazines. We just ask that employees don’t take the magazines home. Share them and make sure everyone has the opportunity to read them.


Tip number nine: Sport New Looks.


After reading through magazines and practicing new looks you’ll want to come to work sporting the new looks. If you are still wearing your make-up styles from the way you were in the eighties then customers are not going to take advice from you.


You want to stay up-to-date with the fashion world so customers can feel confident in your knowledge and advice.

Tip number ten: Smile.


Everyone looks better with a smile on their face!


At Sephora we pride ourselves in the professionalism of our staff but also in their friendliness. We want our employees to enjoy their jobs and like coming to work. Working at Sephora really is your lifestyle. It’s not all business with us. Professionalism but friendly as well.


We know it is sometimes hard to smile when you are having a bad day but a negative attitude will not be successful at Sephora. Talk to your fellow employees because they may be able to help you out of your slump and back to your positive, up-beat self.


So now you are ready for the busy Christmas season. Tale these tips and really utilize them to their fullest. Once you are finished listening to this podcast we ask that you take some time to tell us what you think about this podcast. Did you like the podcast? Or not? Did you find it helpful? Or not? We want to hear from all of you.


Have a great day and Happy Holidays from the Sephora family in Human Resources!

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